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The Great Outdoor Challenge

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Goal: $ 500,000
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Drey Land

In 1969, Leo Drey ’34 offered to lease 44 acres of his Ozark woodland to Burroughs to launch the school's wilderness camp known as Drey Land. With local timber, seniors and faculty members built Dreyer Lodge, named in memory of James M. Dreyer (father of Jeff ’71 and Joe ’73). Dreyer Lodge was built of logs using the same construction techniques as those employed by the early settlers. The camp was dedicated in June 1971, and in August 1972 the entering 7th grade class participated in the first orientation at the camp, a program that continues today.

Currently, Drey Land supports the Burroughs biology curriculum, outdoor education, programs for incoming 7th and 9th graders, and the 12th grade leadership trip.

In anticipation of the 50th anniversary of Drey Land in 2022, please share your memories and photos from your own Drey Land experience through this online form.

The Great Outdoor Challenge from Alice Walz Galt '70

Alice Walz Galt ’70 learned of the school’s need to dramatically improve Drey Land, and made the first leadership gift to begin improvements. Although Alice never experienced Drey Land when she was a JBS student, she was inspired to make her gift because Drey Land benefits every Burroughs student and the larger school community. Alice has structured her gift to match the first $500,000 donated to this project.

Images and Remembrances of Drey Land

Drey Land has been a special part of the Burroughs experience for almost 50 years. These videos, made for the 40th anniversary, highlight the history, essence and key members who founded the camp.

New lodge

Identified needs include a larger lodge with handicap accessibility, more storage, ease of maintenance, improved refrigeration, a dedicated infirmary, an expanded dining room and accommodations for faculty chaperones.

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